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Kuntal Joisher- First Vegan to Summit Mt Everest on North and South Sides

by | May 29, 2019

Mount Everest is notorious for being one of the world’s most difficult hikes. With many folks that do not make it through the climb of the world’s tallest mountain above sea level, one must trek through 8,848 meters (or 29,029 feet) of the elements. There are two principal climbing routes that mountaineers can take which are known as the “standard route” (coming from southeast from Nepal) and the north route (coming from Tibet).

Usually, one trip is enough for even the most experienced mountaineers, but leaving it at one trip just didn’t cut it for Kuntal Joisher who became the first vegan to ever summit both routes. As a loud-and-proud animal activist, well-experienced mountaineer, feminist, and LGBTQIA ally, Joisher can be an inspiration to us all.

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Kuntal Joisher- First Vegan to Summit Mt Everest on North and South Sides

Kuntal Joisher, an Indian mountaineer who is making a mark on the vegan athletes’ community, successfully summited Mount Everest via the north route on May 23 at 0530 hours. Joisher announced his absolutely amazing accomplishment on Instagram, taking the title of the first ever vegan to Summit both of the two main routes. Back in May 2016, Joisher took on Mount Everest for the third time, when he finally was able to summit from the south side.

In an interview with Great Vegan Athletes, Kuntal revealed that back in 2016 when he first summited Mount Everest, he was only a dietary vegan but that he hoped for his next MountEverest adventure that he would be suited up with only animal-friendly gear and a lot of plant-based snacks.

After doing my research, I connected the dots that there is no difference between a glass of milk, a block of cheese, or for that matter a piece of beef. At that point, I could not reconcile my compassionate thoughts with my cruel lifestyle as a vegetarian… It’s now 16 years that I’ve been vegan, and it has been one of the best decisions in my life

Kuntal Joisher Interview with Great Vegan Athletes
First Vegan to Summit Mt Everest on North and South Sides
First Vegan to Summit Mt Everest on North and South Sides

Joisher shared a heartfelt message on Instagram earlier today thanking his guide and mentor, Mingma for his recent summit.

Joisher has climbed many other famous trails, including Mentok Kangri (see above photo), Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest free-standing mountain in the world), and Mount Lhotse.

Congratulations to Kuntal Joisher on being the first vegan to summit Mt Everest from both sides!

Do you dream of climbing Mount Everest one day? Do we have any readers out there who already have? Let me know in the comments below.

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