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Hannah Williams, “The World’s Okayest Mom” Shares Heartbreaking Story

by | May 13, 2019

Hannah Williams, the self-proclaimed “World’s Okayest Mom” and Buzzfeed creative, shared her heartbreaking story about her miscarriage that she had experience. Posted yesterday on Mother’s Day, this story opens up the conversation about miscarriages- a subject that rarely seems to be talked about despite the alarming number of women who have gone through one before.

Hannah Williams
Credit: I Had a Miscarriage/ Hannah Williams on BuzzfeedVideo

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Hannah Williams, “The World’s Okayest Mom” Shares Heartbreaking Story

Hannah creates many videos about mom life, but she is known for her Youtube series “Mom in Progress” where she, her husband, and two darling children take on certain challenges such as “We Tried The 7-Day Vegan Challenge”, “We Tried Living Zero-Waste For A Week”, and “We Let Out Kids Plan Our Date Night”. She is an ultimate realistic and totally relatable role-model for moms ever tat are working on being the best that they can be.

In her newest video posted to BuzzfeedVideo, “I Had A Miscarriage”, Hannah shares her personal story of the miscarriage she had when she was pregnant for the third time.

Opening with “I really don’t want to make this video, but I feel like I have to make this video”, Hannah begins by talking about how often she is asked about when and if she will have a third kid to grow her family of 4 and by sharing how her two previous pregnancies with her beautiful sons, Wyatt. She mentions that she was only 19 and that she had “2 perfectly normal pregnancies, 2 healthy kids.”

Credit: I Had a Miscarriage/ Hannah Williams on BuzzfeedVideo

Initially, everything for her seemed to be going just as planned, she had an ultrasound where she was able to see her baby’s heartbeat, she shared the news to a few close people, and she even bought a dress for a future maternity photo shoot. However, after experiencing bad flu-like symptoms and spot which ended up turning into heavy bleeding, a trip to the emergency room revealed that she had unfortunately miscarried.

She shares an emotional, vlog-like account on the situation using what she had previously recorded and appears to fee ridden with guilt as she says, “I just want to what happened. I just want to know what I did wrong.”

In an absolutely heartbreaking moment of her retelling her story, her husband tells her, “You know you didn’t do anything wrong, right? Can you say that?” to which she replies “No. Not yet”, in through her tears.

Credit: I Had a Miscarriage/ Hannah Williams on BuzzfeedVideo

She ends the video with a message to expectant moms, this who wish to have a baby in the future, and those who have a pregnant partner, “It’s not until it happens to you that you find a certain support group and people that that conversation comes up. I would have given anything to have just a little insight, a little inkling of what to look out for… Please do some research.”

She notes that her happy ending in this tragic experience is that she does already have a beautiful family with two children and that she is thankful that she does have the choice to try again in the future when and if she feels ready.

It can happen to anyone. It happened to me.

Hannah Williams/ “I Had a Miscarriage” on BuzzfeedVideo

If you or someone you love has experienced a miscarriage, you can get information on pregnancy and infant loss support here.

Have you ever suffered from a miscarriage? Share your story in the comments below to continue the conversation on this topic that affects women around the world of all ages and walks of life.

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