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Vegan Star Alicia Silverstone Urged Shoemaker K-Swiss to Ditch Leather

by | June 1, 2019

Alicia Silverstone is a home-name of veganism. Her unwavering support for the animal-rights and environment makes her a true role model. The ‘Clueless’ star recently wished if a range of newly launched footwear ditched leather that is manufactured by K-Swiss, inspired by her film. Know more about it here.

Credit: @AliciaSilv/ Twitter

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Vegan Actor Alicia Silverstone Wished if K-Swiss’ New ‘Clueless’ Collection was Leather-free and Vegan

“Iconic ’90s Meets Timeless K-Swiss” is the tagline promoting the launch of K-Swiss’ new ‘Clueless’ collection. As the name refers, the collection is inspired by the Silverstone starrer iconic 1995 comedy. But the live inspiration behind the collection of sneakers wasn’t all happy about it. Instead, she wished if the brand had chosen to go cruelty-free instead of leather for their new line-up. K-Swiss’ new collection features shoes that were worn by the Alicia starrer character- Cher, in the coming-of-age film Clueless.

The vegan star wrote in a tweet sharing her feelings. She tagged the maker @KSWISS and wrote- “Cher and digs this look but wishes it was #CrueltyFree and made without leather (followed by a yellow heart emoji).”

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PETA, just like as always with their adequate replies, replied the vegan actor’s tweet with a Gif featuring Silverstone saying ‘Hello!’ and wrote- “Cher never stops speaking the truth and changing minds (clap emoji) We love her (yellow heart emoji)”

Credit: @KSWISS/ Twitter

K-Swiss joining the conversation responded in a tweet saying- ‘it’s one of our top priorities for 2020. The Plaid pair of shoes is Cruelty-Free!’ The company further tweeted mentioning they’re thrilled that ‘Cher digs the look!’ adding “We completely agree with you, the plaid shoe is 100% cruelty-free, and this year we have new materials partners for our first four conscious, recycled, cruelty-free shoes. Every company MUST make this transition, and it’s our top priority.” Phew! Indeed a truly comforting assurance, K-Swiss.

Credit: @KSWISS/ Twitter

Alicia Silverstone and Veganism

Alicia has been a long-term vegan. The timeless beauty and ‘The Crush’ star credits the vegan diet for her time-defying looks. Her son Bear Blu is also being raised vegan. Silverstone in an interview with mbgfood stated that she ditched her ‘asthma inhaler,’ stopped her ‘weekly allergy shots,’ ‘lost weight’, and even ‘had a new glow’ on her ‘skin and hair.’ The actor, mother, and author went on to state-

alicia silverstone the kind mama

“My body healed itself by being plant-based. The health benefits are truly immense physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s softened my heart and spirit.”

Alicia Silverstone via

Follow the actor in her unabating pursuit to spread health, happiness, love, and compassion through veganism, in her blog ‘the kind life.’ Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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