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by | March 31, 2019

This week in, we have had a wide variety of everything from environmentalism to celebs that ditched veganism to even more Gordon Ramsay plant-based appreciation. Don’t miss vegan news ever again, here is your weekly round-up for the week ending March 29.

NYC Schools to Implement Meatless Mondays

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Credit: New Afrixa/shutterstock

Next school year, NYC public schools will be implementing meatless Mondays in an effort to improve the health of both the environment and the students.

Dead Whale in Phillipines Had the Most Plastic Ever Seen

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Credit: Mr.anaked/ Shutterstock

We already know how awful plastic is forthe environment and ocean life, but many realized that the problem is worse than we thought when distrubing images came to light.

Covering Trees With Nets to Facilitate Easy Felling? Know More Here.

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Credit: Pietro Jeng/ Unsplash

Called a ‘wicked’ act against nature, people in the UK have been putting nets over their trees.

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Vegan Burger is Better Than a Meat Based, Studies Found. Know More Here.

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Credit: Nina Firsova/shutterstock

We already knew that vegan, plant-based burgers are better for the mind, body, and soul but now we have science to back it up.

Copper Branch Becomes the Largest Plant-Based Restaurant Chain, 50th Location Set to Open

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Credit: Copper Branch/ Instagram

Montreal-based chain Copper Branch is on their way to holding the record as the largest plant-based fast-food chain. This Earth Day, they will open 15 new locations, including spots in the US.

Eat, Meet, and Socialize: App HOWUDISH That Makes Healthy Living Fun

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Credit: HowUdish App

Dubbed as a ‘dish-discovery’ mobile application, HOWUDISH is here to help you relalize your fitness dreams. Oh yeah, and they do all the hardwork for you.

Amazonian Vegan Superfoods A Great Addition to Cruelty-Free Beauty Routines

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Credit: Alena Ozerova/ Shutterstock

Do you want to add something new to your cruelty-free and clean beauty routine? Check-out how Amazonian superfoods can save the day.

Vegan Therapy: Sensational Cow Cuddle is a Thing. Know More About it Here.

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Credit: omar calderone/ Unsplash

A new type of therapy? If you’re in New York you may be able to cuddle with cows.

Vegan Challenge for the Spot in Master Chef Semi-Finals

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In a recent episode of Master Chef UK, contestants competed to earn a spot in the semi-finals by preparing an all-vegan dish.

Gordon Ramsay Adds Vegan Breakfast With Tofu Eggs to Menu at Bread Street Kitchen

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By Sterling Munksgard/shutterstock

This week, Gordon Ramsay is back at it again with a new vegan dish debuting at his London restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen. Better yet, this time it’s breakfast.

Vegan Climate Activist Could be the Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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 Credit: Alexandros Michailidis/ Shutterstock

16 year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden just might take the title as the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner to date. How? We have the details here.

Five Vegan Celebrities Who Claimed to be on a Plant-Based Diet but Weren’t in Reality

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Photo from/Rawvana/Instagram

Veganism is more than an Instagram post act, it is a lifestyle. Unfortunately, these celebrities got caught in the act of cheating on (or quitting completely) veganism.

Garden Lites Helps Sneak Veggies into Kid’s Easter Baskets this Year

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Credit: Garden Lites

Do you want to have a healthier Easter this year without missing out on the treats? Garden Lites has come to the rescue.

Lab Grown Meat Recieves Regulatory Oversight it has been Asking For

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Credit: nevodka/ Shutterstock

Lab grown meat may be coming sooner than you think, it is no longer just an idea circling the internet.

Drunk Email Behind Quorn’s Latest Dinosaur Shaped Vegan Nuggets Launch

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Credit: by By Nitr/ Shutterstock/ Image for representation purpose only

Following a hilarious drunk e-mail from an adult requesting dinosaur shaped vegan nuggets, Quorn will be delivering them to the public.

Supermarkets retract ‘Vegan’ Products for they Actually Contain Milk

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Credit: Couleur/ Pixabay

An alarming number of products labeled as being vegan have been recalled due to them evidently containing milk. Check here to see the full list of recalled products.

A Bill has been Introduced to Ban Fur Sales in New York

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Credit: Gary Bendig/ Unsplash

The US has been taking large steps in the right direction when it comes to banning fur. New York may be the newest addition to the fur-free list, which makes everyone at the vegan news desk happy.

A Challenge that has got the Environment Cleaning #TrashTag Challenge

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The coolest challenge ever has been taking the internet by storm and it’s one that you’ll love to take part in (especially if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty)

James Cameron Claims that Vegan Women Will Save the World

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Credit: Slavs Bowman/ Unsplash

Mastermind behind famous movies including “Avatar” and “Titanic”, James Cameron claimed that vegan women will save the world. Endearing or a back-handed compliment? You decide!

Which of these vegan news stories from this week was your favorite? Were there any stories we missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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