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Surgery Gone Wrong Caused 27-Year-Old Mom to Become Infertile

by | June 1, 2019

Following an ectopic pregnancy in her right fallopian tube last March, 27-year-old Chelsie Thomas underwent surgery at the hospital in which she worked at for 9 years in order to remove what she thought would her right tube. Due to what the hospital dubbed as a “regrettably made” error, the doctor performing the surgery mistakenly removed Thomas’ healthy, left fallopian tube instead leaving the young mom unable to have any more children unless she was to undergo IVF treatment.

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Chelsie Thomas and her 6-year-old son. Credits: Facebook
Surgery Gone Wrong Caused 27-Year-Old Mom to Become Infertile

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Surgery Gone Wrong Caused 27-Year-Old Mom to Become Infertile

Chelsie Thomas suffered from an ectopic pregnancy which is when an embryo attaches itself outside of the uterus, causing symptoms of strong stomach pains and vaginal bleeding. Most commonly, the embryo is attached inside one of the Fallopian tubes, which can put the mother at serious risk of fatal internal bleeding. Depending on the scenario, the infected fallopian tube may have to be removed, which was what had to happen to the young mother of a 6-year-old.

Following a scan showing that the ectopic pregnancy occurred in her right Fallopian tube, the surgeon removed the left tube instead saying, “I’m a doctor, you should trust me”, according to Thomas. A week later, following the surgery, intense symptoms and a pain associated with ectopic pregnancy were still occurring and it was then discovered what had happened.

The heartbeat [came] up on the screen and I looked at him, he looked at me and I said, “You’ve messed up”, and he collapsed in the room. It’s destroyed everything.

I’ve got a little boy who’s 6. I’ve got to explain that he can’t have a brother or sister which he keeps asking for.

I’ve had to leave my job [I’ve worked at for] 9 years because obviously that’s where it happened and I can’t face going back there. It’s disgusting. And, he shouldn’t be allowed to ever touch another woman again.

Chelsie Thomas interview with BBC
Credit: BBC
Surgery Gone Wrong Caused 27-Year-Old Mom to Become Infertile

Following this medical mistake, Thomas blames the botched surgery for the failure of her romantic relationship, her mental health decline, as well as for her lost job. Thomas is now on anti-depressants and has been struggling with her young son’s pleas for a younger sibling which she would never be able to have without the help of an IVF treatment.

How do you feel about this mistake at the hands of the hospital that caused the mom to become infertile? What course of action do you think should be taken? Let me know in the comments below.

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