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Your Weekly Dose Of Vegan News Roundup

by | April 21, 2019

This week in news, we have seen some exciting launches of new products and we have a few amazing cruelty free plant-based brands with whom we’ve collaborated and are sure that you will love!

Here is your weekly vegan news round up for this week.

Ariana Grande Coming Up With ‘Thank U, Next’ Beauty Line, Will It Be Vegan?

Popstar and vegan queen Ariana Grande will be launching a makeup line based off of one of her most popular hits yet. Will it be vegan-friendly?

Gardein launches new Spicy Flavored “Breakfast Saus’age Patties”

Credit: gardein/ Instagram

Gardein, a known and loved name among herbivores, has launched what is sure to be one of your favorite weekend breakfast essentials: a vegan sausage patty.

Art for Awakening: Florida-Based Artist Paints Agony of Animals

Credit: freebison/ Instagram
weekly vegan news round up

Artist @freebison uses art to share with the world the horrors that animals face on a daily basis.

In Search Of The Ultimate Vegan Baking Kit? Meringueshop Has It

Credit: Meringueshop

Looking to bake delicious, colorful, and 100% vegan meringue? The Meringue Baking kit has just the thing! (P.S. We have a sweet treat for Raise Vegan readers inside.)

On the Brink of Slaughter, 20 Lambs saved. Owner now a “Veggie”

Losing out on 9,000GBP, a farmer from the U.K. decides to embrace his compassionate side by saving his lambs from slaughter and going veggie.

Rhino Poacher Dead, Stomped by an Elephant and Digested by Lions

Credit: by GauSax/ Shutterstock

Karma works in weird ways; a man in South Africa was found dead after he went out trying to poach a rhino. Well, there wasn’t much to find after what happened.

Meeting Andrew Bernstein, the Mind Behind Kinder Beauty Box

weekly vegan news round up

Raise Vegan got to chat with the founder of the widely-loved Kinder box, Andrew Bernstein. We love them and we know that you will too!

Ursa Major, a Modern Approach to Cruelty Free Plant-Based Skin Care

ursa major
Credit: Joe Robles

Looking for skincare that represents you and your healthy, grab-and-go lifestyle? Check out our interview with Ursa Major to see why they might be the perfect fit for you!

Shocking: Man Who Ate Raw Pig’s Head Stabbed Mates With Knife In School

You Tuber known for making appearances at vegan events to eat raw, dead animals apparently has a violent past, one where he pulled out knife at school.

Meet The Vegan Star cast of Game Of Thrones

Credit: deciccosbeer/ Instagram

Can’t get enough of GoT? We can’t either! Check-out here which of your favorite stars are vegan.

F.A.K.E News Alert- Vegan Fashion Pop-Up to Arrive in LA

Credit: S O C I A L . C U T/ Unsplash

Going to be in LA soon? You won’t want to miss this awesome vegan fashion pop-up.

Vegan Actress Pamela Anderson Reprehends Assange’s Arrest

weekly vegan news round up

Pamela Anderson, known from Baywatch and Home Improvement, took to Twitter to share her opinion on the arrest of Julian Assange.

Singer Anthony Garguila’s Amazing Acne Cure with Plant-based Diet is Unmissable

Credit: @AnthonyGargiula/ Twitter

Looking to cure your acne for good? According to singer Anthony Garguila, a plant-based diet may be the answer.

Antispecist Militant Vegans Jailed for Ransacking Butcher Shops in France

In Northern France, two arrests and jail sentences have been made for two vegan activists who had broken into and vandalized shops which served meat and sold fur.

DC’s Vegan Fans Rejoice as Joker Goes Vegan- Again

Credit: Yong Chuan/ Unsplash

The Joker has been vegan longer than we thought! Who would’ve guessed that he was enjoying plant-based foods between getting chased down by Batman.

New Proposed Law in Australia Can Imprison Vegan Activists

Credit: by Fure/ Shutterstock

Following last week’s events concerning a large vegan-led protest in Australia, the aftermath may be future laws for the imprisonment of activists.

Disney Extends its Magic: Plant-Based Food Guide Available in Pamphlets

Family fun at Disneyland has just gotten even sweeter with new, vegan food guides available to visitors.

Foodtech Enabled Plant-Based Burger Developed By Brazil Startup- ‘Fazenda Futuro’

By Tatiana Shepeleva/ Shutterstock

Watch out, burger joints! Brazilian company Fazenda Futuro has launched a plant-based burger that apparently tastes, looks and feels like real meat.

‘Hannah Montana’ Fan? Miley Cyrus Costumes to go on Auction in NY

Going on a trip to New York? Get the best of both worlds and join in on a very special auction to be held this May 18.

Too Sweet? KIND Fights Against High Sugar Snacks. Know more here.

Credit: @KINDSnacks/ Twitter

Tired of every “health” bar you buy tasting overly sugary and sweet? So is big brand, KIND.

McDonald’s Receives More Than 160,000 Signs for McVegan Burger

Will the surprising amont of signatures for McDonald’s to launch a plant-based burger get the tire rolling on more vegan fast food options?

Popular P*rn Wesbite Launches Beesexual Web series

Credit: Patrick Brinksma/ Unsplash

The leading porn streaming site has had enough of empty promises and has begun its own initiative to save the bees. Will you go BEESEXUAL to save these precious insects?

Buy Soap and Help the Homeless: Unilever’s Right to Shower Campaign

vegan news
The Right to Shower/ Emily L. Wood

The Right to Shower is here to make you feel good while you do good. Find out here how you can help increase accessibility to showers for the homeless just by using soap.

Which of these news stories was your favorite from this week? Were there any stories that we missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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